MAY 2024

Unwrapping Packaging Regulations Impacting Agricultural Trade and Sustainability – Farm Foundation Forum
CEO Kevin Kelly joins thought leaders to discuss packaging rules and regulations impacting US growers and companies, with a specific look at packaging in the fruit and vegetable supply chains

FEB 2024

Building a Sustainable Company – “The bag has proved mightier than the salad”
Kevin Kelly, CEO of Emerald Packaging, shares insights from his experience collaborating with farmers and understanding consumer needs, all while maintaining Emerald Packaging as a family-owned business.

JAN 2024

A different green at Emerald Packaging: PCR at the same cost – Plastics News
CEO Kevin Kelly offers a unique point of view on sustainable packaging

DEC 2023

Emerald Packaging and D’Arrigo California partner to release a post-consumer recycled (PCR) bag for D’Arrigo’s premiere romaine hearts product, Andy Boy
The new romaine hearts bag is made up of 30 percent PCR plastic, reducing the need for virgin plastic production, taking a step towards a more circular economy

DEC 2023

Emerald reflects on the pursuit of cutting-edge packaging
Read about the latest Emerald Packaging sustainability products

MAY 2023

Emerald Packaging President Pallavi Joyappa is Named a “Top Women in Produce”
Read her interview in The Packer and find out why she can’t sleep

FEB 2023

Emerald Packaging Announces Pallavi Joyappa has Been Appointed to President
Joyappa talks inflation, sustainability, and robotics

FEB 2023

Fresh Produce Leadership Roundtable with the Packer
CEO Kevin Kelly joins thought leaders in the fresh produce supply chain to discuss challenges and opportunities for the industry in 2023 and beyond

JAN 2023

Emerald Packaging Invests in Green Technology to Solar Power Manufacturing Facilities
Solar panel installations at our two plants will cut emissions by the equivalent of more than 47 million pounds of coal burned over 25 years

NOV 2022

The Flexible Packaging Association Highlights Two of Our Innovative Packages
The American Licorice RED VINES® Pouch is made with 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin, and the McDonald’s Apple Slices Series features several technical achievements in printing and sustainability

OCT 2022

We Are the Proud Sponsors of a 3,000 Tree Grove in Nepal
Along with our partner Evertreen we sponsored the planting of 3,000 trees, absorbed 450,00 KG of CO2, and created 375 working hours. See some trees being planted

AUG 2022

Packaging Supplier Responds to CA Plastic Packaging Law — Plastics Today
The California Packaging Legislation SB54 has now passed into law. CEO Kevin Kelly Kelly shares his views of the legislation and what it means for the plastics industry

AUG 2022

What the New Recycling Legislation Means to Growers and Grocers — The Packer
California’s governor recently signed into law the country’s most sweeping, rigorous restrictions on single-use plastics and packaging. It will affect everyone from growers, to grocers, to consumers. CEO Kevin Kelly joins a stellar group of panelists to discuss the new bill SB54, and how it will affect your business.

MARCH 2022

Emerald Packaging Announces Commitment to Reduce Plastic Use by 2025 — Packaging World

Emerald Packaging becomes a signatory to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment


Omicron Plays Havoc with Return-to-Office Plans — Los Angeles Times

Emerald Packaging administrative employees fill in for sick employees on the factory floor

JULY 2021

U.S. Companies Push Covid Shots for Staff — Reuters

APRIL 2021

U.S. Factories Desperate for Workers, Even as Ranks of Jobless Remains High — Reuters

CEO Kevin Kelly weighs in on the manufacturing labor market


Waste 360 Interview with CEO Kevin Kelly

Kelly discusses realistic solutions to the broken U.S. recycling system


Earth 911 Innovator Interview with CEO Kevin Kelly

Covid-19, climate change, sustainable legislation, and producer responsibility—a few of the compelling topics discussed in this interview


Sustainable Packaging Panel—Sustainable Produce Summit 2020

CEO Kevin Kelly participates in a lively and compelling discussion on the state of sustainable packaging


Packaging, Covid and Sustainability — Plastics News 8.27.20

CEO Kevin Kelly shares his perspective

JULY 2020

How to Build a Company That (Actually) Values Integrity — Harvard Business Review 7.30.20

Business leaders like CEO Kevin Kelly lead by example

JULY 2020

The Pandemic & the Importance of Produce Packaging — Today’s Grocer

Single use plastic surges during the Covid-19 pandemic (page 6)

JUNE 2020

Covid-19 Brings a Focus on the Benefits of Packaging — The Packer 6.24.20 

The Covid-19 crisis has caused consumers to see plastics for produce in a new way

MAY 2020

Companies Donate, Offer New Services During Pandemic — The Packer 5.10.20

From healthy recipes to supply chain solutions, the fresh produce industry is adjusting to cater to consumers and the industry during the Covid-19 pandemic

MAY 2020

U.S. Companies Discover the Dark Side of a Covid-19 Business Boom — Reuters 5.15.20

For Emerald, orders surged 150% in March and were up another 7% in April. But there’s a dark side to that surge, both in terms of cost and complexity.”

MARCH 2020

How to Protect Workers From the Coronavirus: This CEO Has Good Advice — Los Angeles Times 3.26.20

CEO Kevin Kelly Speaks to the Los Angeles Times about Covid-19 Protections at Emerald Packaging

MARCH 2020

CEO Kevin Kelly on Sending Relief Funds to Small Businesses during the Covid-19 Crisis — Forbes 3.22.20

“If you have capital, you should be looking at how you can deploy it to keep people in business so, on the other side, we have customers.”—CEO Kevin Kelly

MARCH 2020

CEO Kevin Kelly Discusses the Impact of the Upcoming CA Packaging Legislation with The Packer

Kevin Kelly, CEO of Emerald Packing, says that recycling systems in California — and across the U.S. — aren’t currently set up to
handle the flexible plastic bags that salad mix and other vegetables are packed in

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Emerald Packaging Extends Pre-Press Services into the Salinas Valley

Emerald Packaging becomes the first flexible packaging converter to offer pre-press services directly from the Salinas Valley. This expansion will provide onsite customer art and design services, thus improving D2P ( design to package) lead-times for the company’s Salinas Valley based customers.



California Green Business Network Certification

Emerald Packaging has been re-certified by the California Green Business Network. This program certifies that the company’s facilities and operations comply with rigorous environmental regulations in the areas of waste,energy,water, pollution prevention, and air quality.


Industry Insight — CEO Kevin Kelly Addresses What’s on the Horizon for Single Use Plastics

After years of neglecting recycling, talking about recyclable solutions but not delivering, and working to stop bans, the plastics packaging industry stands on a precipice

JULY 2019

Industry Insight — “Plastic Has a Big Carbon Footprint — But That Isn’t the Whole Story”

Plastic waste gets a lot of attention when photos of dead whales with stomachs full of plastic bags hit the news. Pieces of plastic also litter cities, and tiny plastic particles are even floating in the air. Largely overlooked is how making plastic in the first place affects the environment, especially global warming. Plastic actually has a big carbon footprint, but so do many of the alternatives to plastic. And that’s what makes replacing plastic a problem without a clear solution.

MARCH 2019

Emerald Packaging wins the Silver Award for Sustainability

Emerald Packaging has won the prestigious Silver Award for Sustainability from the industry’s leading trade group, the Flexible Packaging Assn. (FPA). Emerald secured the prize by redesigning a pouch from a non-recyclable polyester/polyethylene structure to a recyclable polyethylene/polyethylene construction.  Polyester, popular for its stiffness, gloss and barrier properties, remains unrecyclable. The company had to develop a proprietary polyethylene blend that retained enough of those properties to make the transition seamless. The product, a smoothie blend for Dole’s frozen division, supported the customer’s sustainability goals while preserving functionality.


DEC 2018

American Institute of Baking Certification

Emerald Packaging receives its American Institute of Baking (AIB) re-certification. Our score placed us in the 97% for this rigorous review of our facilities
JUNE 2018

Emerald Packaging Receives Perfect Score in its Food Safety System Recertification (FSSC 22000) 

Emerald Packaging received a perfect score in its three-year recertification by the Global Food Safety Initiative under their rigorous Food Safety System Certification 22000 program.  The FSSC 22000 audit judges whether a facility can deliver product that conforms with specific food safety standards. The program is more important than ever with growing consumer awareness around food safety issues.  Emerald’s FSSC team has worked hard over the last three years to maintain the company’s program and be ready for an audit whenever it should occur.  “As we know food safety is a concern from the government to consumers,” says CEO Kevin Kelly. “Our perfect score shows we take seriously our role in providing packaging that’s safe for use by food manufacturers.”

JUNE 2017

Employees suffer when ICE agents raid the workplace. So do their bosses.
Emerald Packaging is featured in CNN’s powerful three-part story on immigration issues in the workplace



Emerald Packaging Completes Integration of its Facility Buildings, Centralizing Printing, Laminating & Converting
Emerald Packaging completes the expansion begun in 2015 by connecting its two facilities, which are located side-by-side.  The company built a bridge crossing a stretch of land once used as a rail spur it purchased from the Union Pacific Railroad.  The two-way bridge will allow seamless transport of material between the printing  and laminating facility on Western Avenue and the converting plant on Lewis Street.


ePac, an Emerald Packaging joint venture, partners on the Tostitos Breathalyzer Bag
This first-of-its-kind bag features a built-in sensor that can detect traces of alcohol in a user’s breath

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Growth Continues with Capital Investments in Targeted Market Segments
The company purchases two new slitters for roll stock, a laser microperforation unit – its fourth – and a new eight color Windmoeller & Hoelsher printing press.  The investments total over $3.5 million.  “To keep our customers in product and increase capacity we need to constantly upgrade and add equipment” said chief executive officer Kevin Kelly.  “We particularly see a big spike in demand for laser perforated product to increase breathability of films.”      


Emerald Packaging Sets a New Standard for Multiple Facilities with an AIB Score of 995
Emerald Packaging receives a 955 score across its two manufacturing facilities from the American Institute of Baking.  This is the first year the company certified the building it bought two years ago which houses the converting department.  Significant investments were made to bring the building into compliance. 


Emerald Packaging Wins the Advanced Manufacturing Award at the East Bay Innovation Awards
Out of hundreds of nominated companies, Emerald Packaging won the award for Advanced Manufacturing at the East Bay Innovation Awards on February 25th, 2016. Hosted by the East Bay Economic Development Alliance (East Bay EDA), a leading convener of cross sector leadership, the award ceremony recognized companies with the most outstanding achievements in innovation.



ePac Created as First Flexible Packaging Company Based on Digital Printing
ePack, a joint partnership between Arion Partners and Emerald Packaging, begins operations in Madison, Wisconsin. The new company is dedicated to the growing short-run, multiple SKU, quick-turn flexible packaging market. 



Three 2015 FPA Flexible Packaging Achievement Award Wins
Emerald Packaging wins three 2015 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards including a Gold Award in Printing and Shelf Impact for Dole Fruit & Veggie Blends, a Silver Award in Packaging Excellence for the Organic Girl Three Heart Romaine Stand Up Pouch, and a Silver Award in Sustainability for Potato Starch Based Film. 

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COO Pallavi Joyappa Featured in Packaging World Magazine
Pallavi Joyappa, Emerald Packaging’s COO is featured in Packaging World’s cover story “Women in manufacturing: Ideas on how to close the gender gap”. 


Emerald Packaging achieves Food Safety Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000)
Emerald Packaging has achieved certification by the rigorous Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), a global, industry driven initiative dedicated to the delivery of safe food to consumers worldwide. Emerald Packaging has been certified under Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000) which provides a three year certification with audits each year prior to recertification. CEO Kevin Kelly says “It took tremendous effort and commitment at every level of our organization to achieve the demanding FSSC 22000 certification. It demonstrates that we understand our company is part of the chain that delivers safe meals to families across the country, and the safety of packaging is as important as the ingredients themselves”.

MAY 2015

Emerald Packaging Partners with Hewlett-Packard on a Move into Digital Printing
Emerald Packaging as been selected as a beta site by Hewlett Packard for its new 30″ WS20000 digital printing press, the first of its kind able to print on traditional flexible packaging structures

APRIL 2014

Highest American Institute of Baking Certification Rating for 4th Year in a Row
Emerald Packaging receives the highest American Institute of Baking (AIB) rating for 2014. Scores remain above 95.5% for 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011 for this rigorous review of our facilities.

MARCH 2014

Emerald Packaging Names Pallavi Joyappa First COO in 50 Year History
Emerald Packaging chief executive Kevin Kelly says, “Ms. Joyappa brings a deep understanding of our markets and our company to her job. In addition to her day to day responsibilities she will spearhead the company’s current expansion into an additional 120,000-square-foot facility adjacent to our headquarters. It is testament to the trust she has earned within the Kelly Family, which owns the company, that she is the first COO in our 50 year history.”


Emerald Packaging Marks 50 years in Business with the Largest Expansion to Date
$13 million expansion enables a move into pouch making and digital printing


CEO Kevin Kelly wins 2013 Leo Shluker Award
Kevin Kelly carries on a family tradition and wins the Western Plastics Association’s highest honor, its 2013 Leo Shluker Award


Emerald Packaging Pioneers “Field to Fork” Traceability
Emerald Packaging Partners with Domino to tell the Growers Express Unit Level Traceability Story


American Institute of Baking Certification
Emerald Packaging receives the highest American Institute of Baking (AIB) rating for the 3rd year in a row. Scores remain above 95.5% for 2013, 2012, and 2011 for this rigorous review of our facilities.

JUNE 2013

Emerald Employees complete FTA FIRST Certification Program
All Emerald Packaging press operators and supervisors have completed all three levels of the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) FIRST certification program. The FIRST program enables employees to advance their expertise, skills, and troubleshooting abilities in the flexographic printing arena. We are the first converting plant of our size to accomplish this program.


2013 Silver FPA Flexible Packaging Achievement Award
Emerald Packaging wins a 2013 Silver Flexible Packaging Achievement Award in Technical Innovation for Bolthouse Farms “Shakedowns”