From conception through production, your project is in the hands of the industry’s best.


We embrace the latest technological advancements in plate, pre-press, and printing in the flexible packaging industry and offer collaborative package design and high-definition print options.


Our state-of-the-art lamination equipment and technology provides duplex and triplex laminations and coatings to improve product performance and enhance graphics.


We offer standard or highly customized structures ranging from carbon-based resins to plant-based films, high-end slitting including laser microperforation, converting, our proprietary lidding solution eLID, Inno-lok® zipper for roll stock, and a variety of closure options.

R & D

Collaboration, creativity, and prototyping all come together in our research and development lab as we create some of the most innovative products in the industry.


Our highly trained personnel and state-of- the-art 24/7 quality control laboratory enable us to develop, analyze, and test film structures to achieve the highest level of performance.


As pioneers in sustainable practices and products, we offer innovative thinking and the latest sustainable solutions for companies wanting to reduce the environmental impact of their packaging.

Want to Learn More?

•   Collaborative and creative package design
  Latest color management software
•   Color separations up to 200 line screen with 10 colors
•   Automated plate mounting for precise registration
  Visualization tools, including 3D digital renderings and prototype

•   Leading-edge 200 line screen surface or reverse printing on up to 10-color presses
•   Coatings, including matte finishes, applied in-line
•   Solvent-based inks for enhanced gloss and appeal
•   Color consistency monitored using X-rite spectrophotometer
•   Printing on multiple substrates such as polypropylene, polyethylene, and polyester
•   Lean and continuous improvement methodologies employed for process control

DIGITAL PRINTING  For more information visit epacllc.com
•   Fastest and widest digital press on the market—Hewlett-Packard 30” Indigo 20000
•   HD quality and resolution, up to 225-line screen
•   No dot gain, prints vignettes from 100% to 0%
•   Perfect registration, no plates and minimal waste
•   7-color extended gamut and spot color capabilities
•   Economical short run, customized, or personalized packaging

•   Wide variety of adhesive laminations and coatings
•   Ability to laminate up to 3-ply structures using solventless or water-based technology
•   High barrier structures
•   Registering of coat finishes and anti-fog to enhance package clarity
•   Cold-seal capable for candy and confectionary products

•  Laser and hot-needle perforation capabilities for breathability and easy opening
•  Cross-promotional label application (IRCs) on pre-made bags
 Inno-lok® zipper application for roll stock

•   Largest converting facility on the West Coast
  28 high-speed bag lines
•   Stand-up pouches for high shelf impact and convenience
•   Unique closure applications including dual track, Velcro®, and 360-degree zippers
•   Pouch additions such as hang holes, tear notches, laser scoring, and carry handles

•  3 eLID options available: Peel (single use), Reseal (multi-use), Shred (tamper evident)
•  Reseal technology is a first of its kind for fresh cut produce

•  Embedded or coated anti-fog
•  Laser perforation, hot needle, macro or steam venting
•  Seals to a wide variety of trays


•    Team led by polymer scientists and an industrial engineer with years of film development work
•    Reverse engineering of films and applications
•    Exploration of new frontiers including “smart packaging,” which can digitally interact with consumers
•    Problem-solving research capabilities and diagnostics
•    Engineers with a deep understanding of packaging machinery and the ability to help customers troubleshoot on the fly

•   Laboratory led by an industrial engineer
•   State-of-the-art technical equipment
•   Certificate of Compliance documents provided
•   Incoming material inspections and in-line process and material checks conducted using statistical process control
•   American Institute of Baking and Food Safety System Certification 22000 certified

•   Introduced the first compostable packaging in the produce industry
•   Constant testing of biopolymers
•   Fully recyclable packaging, including stand-up pouches
•   Green thinking enables customers to cut their carbon footprint through right-sizing packages or replacing cans or glass with stand-up pouches